Trailhead Addresses

  1. Bemis Hill Trailhead
    200 Sleepy Valley Road, Athens
    The other end of the trail ends on Bemis Hill Road, up past the Martin Sanctuary.
  2. Martin Sanctuary Trailhead and Dunn Nature Trail Guides
    1522 Bemis Hill Road, Westminster
    See Trailhead Access directions and go 1.5 miles up the road.
    Following GPS may erroneously lead you to a farmhouse at 788 Bemis Hill Road.
  3. Athens Access (Cemetery Road) Trailhead
    37 Valley Cemetery Road, Athens
  4. Latham Access Trailhead
    132 Old County Road, Athens
  5. Holden Trailhead and “A Walk through Time” Trail Guide
    1026 Windmill Hill Road North, Westminster
  6. Cascade Trail Trailhead
    Apx. 1320 Grassy Brook Road, Brookline
  7. Radford-Smith Trailhead
    1200 Grassy Brook Road, Brookline
  8. Bald Hill Reserve (Covered Bridge Road) Trailhead
    232 Covered Bridge Road, Westminster
  9. Route 35 Trailhead
    28 Route 35, Athens; across Route 35 from Sleepy Valley Road
  10. Ledge Road Trailhead
    758 Ledge Road, Grafton
  11. Putney Mountain Trailhead
    422 Putney Mountain Road, Putney


Bemis Hill Kiosk

At the Bald Hill Kiosk
Photo © Clay West