Work on the Pinnacle Cabin is Done!

Pinnacle Cabin Renovation Project

Taking advantage of the good, dry weather, renovation of the rustic stone-and-wood cabin at the Pinnacle overlook began in late August. Work included rebuilding the west stone wall and two corner foundations, reframing and replacing all windows; welding steel patches into the fireplace insert; affixing a ladder to the east wall as a fire escape from the loft window; and removing and replacing the roof of the nearby outhouse.

Thanks to help from volunteers and initial support from some enthusiastic donors, WHPA took a giant leap of faith and decided to proceed quickly with the necessary repairs by master builder Phil Pellerin while WHPA sought additional funds to complete the project. Response was quick and positive, and the funds raised allowed Pinnacle to complete intended repairs by late fall.

The cabin at the Pinnacle is now eager for visitors. Read here to find out how to make a reservation.

The photos here show the progress on this important project.

A new granite bench
Phil Pellerin’s first accomplishment was to replace a makeshift log seat at the overlook with a long-lasting granite bench, where hikers can relax and enjoy the famous Pinnacle view.

Rebuilding the west wall
Here Pellerin works on dismantling and rebuilding the stone west wall.

Jacking up the corners
Two corners of the cabin have been jacked up so their stone foundations can be rebuilt.

Rebuilding the foundation
Isaac (left) and Phil Pellerin start rebuilding the foundation of the stone west wall. Rick Cowan and Sarah Waldo (WHPA Chair and Vice Chair) look on.

The rebuilt foundation
The rebuilt east wall foundation, whose right corner detail was featured on the front page of the Fall 2016 Newsletter.

The repaired hearth
Phil Pellerin repaired the stone hearth of the fireplace. Steel patches were welded onto the back of the steel fireplace insert. The fireplace is now improved and even more attractive.

Thank you to all donors, workers, and volunteers who answered our call and helped make this wonderful resource tighter, safer, and more inviting for all its visitors!

Pinnacle Cabin Renovation Campaign Committee:
Rick Cowan, Elaine Gordon, Susan Roman, Vanessa Stern
and Sarah Waldo

The Outhouse has a new roofThe Pinnacle outhouse has a new roof, thanks to Phil and Isaac Pellerin.

Railing fashioned from old silo band.
Phil Pellerin holds a railing he and son Isaac fashioned from an old silo band.

Oliver Brody works on new windows.
Volunteer Oliver Brody works on new windows he’s making for the cabin.

The renovated west wall.
The renovated west wall now has a new stone foundation, new stone lower section and window lintels, and new windows.

A newly designed firepit.
A newly designed firepit complements stone benches at the Pinnacle overlook. What a welcoming place to enjoy a spectacular view!

Who helps keep the Pinnacle view open?
Who helps keep the Pinnacle view open? Recently Phil Ranney, shown here, along with Rick Cowan, cleared brush and small trees – part of regular maintenance performed by Pinnacle volunteers to keep WHPA trails safe and inviting.

Looking through the new cabin windows.
Looking through the new cabin windows, we can clearly see one couple sitting on the new stone bench and enjoying our famous Pinnacle view on a beautiful fall day.