Requests for Pinnacle Trail Hikers

As Pinnacle lands—the Holden Trail in particular—become a more popular destination for schools and other large groups, we ask hikers to follow the guidelines below. By controlling the number of people on the trail at the same time, we hope to enable all visitors to experience the beauty and serenity of our natural world.

  • Groups of 15 or more are asked to contact Tony Coven at 802-387‐6650.
  • Large groups are encouraged to break into groups of 4‐8 while hiking to allow hikers to experience the many wonders that Pinnacle has to offer.
  • Please observe a strict low‐impact, carry‐in/carry out, leave‐no‐trace policy.
  • An outdoor fire is permitted upon request only at the Pinnacle summit, with prior authorization from Westminster Town Fire Warden Cole Streeter, 802‐722‐3178. Please carry in your own firewood.

Visit Trails & Maps to learn about the Pinnacle’s 26-mile trails system.

Please remember that trail conditions may be slippery. Avoid staying out too long or relying on cell phones, which may not always work.

Our free maps and programs are a great way to introduce Pinnacle lands to friends, relatives, or neighbors. Your personal touch can make all the difference in opening up a new world of wonder and delight to nature lovers from near and far.

This website is the best place to check for news, upcoming events, and other information. Please send your trail photos, hiking tidbits, or trail challenges to [email protected] so we can know what’s happening on Pinnacle lands and where we need to make improvements.

May you enjoy every lovely moment on our trails!

Annual West Hill Grinder, Sunday September 23
Accessibility Day

New bridge on the Radford-Smith TrailThe Bridge on the Radford-Smith Trail

Spring Wildflower Walk, Sunday May 6
Spring Wildflower Walk

Upcoming Events

Weekend strolls, volunteer days, and more

Click here for a map showing WHPA Access Points.

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Past Events

Sun., Nov. 7, 2021: Bald Hill Hike. 1-3 p.m.
Meet at the Covered Bridge Road kiosk in Westminster for a woodland hike. We will walk to Twin Falls and other picturesque sights. RSVP to Vanessa Stern, 802-463-4948 or by email, and please include your phone number in case plans change due to weather. Don't forget to check your watch, because Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 7 this year.

Sun., Oct. 24, 2021: Athens Dome Loop Walk. 12:30-4:30 p.m.
Meet at the end of Turner Hill Road in Grafton at 12:30. Bring water and snacks, good hiking footwear. Weather dependent. Email Camilla Roberts to register, or call her at 802-869-1388.

This loop is an estimated 4 miles, from Turner Hill in Grafton. It starts and ends at the Turner Hill old homestead area. We start up the Bear Hill trail (steep) then head east on the Pinnacle Athens Dome trail, through varied woods including the spruce swamp area in the more remote area of Athens Dome, along an outcrop of the oldest geologic rock with Umbillicarium (Tripe) lichen, to old Kidder Hill Road. We turn south there to the height of the road and site of the legendary “Yellow House," then follow an old woods road west from there back to the Turner Hill homestead area. This is a long and beautiful fall walk after the leaves have fallen, to be able to see deeply into the forested terrain, no bugs, and cooler temperatures.

Sat., Oct. 16, 2021: Accessibility Day. 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Accessibility Day is an opportunity for people who have difficulty walking to get a vehicle ride to a beautiful site on the Pinnacle ridgeline for lunch.

Meet at the Old Athens Road turnaround in Westminster West, Vt., at 10:30 a.m. Because of the popularity of this free program, and the need for 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, advance registration is required for a ride from the turnaround to the ridgeline site. To register, please call Tony Coven at 802-387-6650. Bring water and a bag lunch, and dress for chilly weather. Masks are required for the car rides.

Sun., Sept. 26, 2021: West Hill Grinder. Starts at 10 a.m.
A biking fundraiser for WHPA organized by West Hill Shop in Putney, VT. Bike gravel roads and forest trails through Putney, Dummerston, Brookline, Athens, Westminster, and Brattleboro. All routes begin at High Meadows Farm. Find more details on West Hill Shop's website, or call 802-387-5718.

Sun., April 25, 2021, 4 p.m. WHPA Annual Meeting.
WHPA members and supporters joined us for our annual meeting on Zoom. Board president Silos Roberts and other board members shared updates on our conservation work, and two short videos premiered about the history of conserving the Pinnacle Ridgeline.

If you missed our annual meeting, you can watch the WHPA history videos below:

Sat., November 2, 2019, 12:30-3:30 p.m. Historic sites on Athens Dome.
Walk to the historic sites on Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association properties in Athens and Grafton See the remains of the historic Goodridge and Smith Soapstone quarries, quarry pools, cellar holes, mill foundation and old roads. This area, which is adjacent to the Turner Hill Wildlife Management Area, has significant wildlife habitat including wetlands and very productive beech/oak/cherry mast stands. IF it is a good year for beech nuts, we should find evidence of black bears feeding in the trees. The hike is moderate, there may be some water in the old roads depending on previous weather, water tight boots recommended. Hike leaders are Camil Roberts and Andrew Toepfer. Please register by email at [email protected] or [email protected] Meet at Athens Pond in Athens on Route 35 (6 1/2 miles north of Townshend or 3 1/2 miles south of Cambridgeport on Route 35.)

Sat., October 12, 2019, 1-4 p.m. Fall Foliage Walk on Bald Hill.
Vanessa Stern, member of the Bald Hill Committee and WHPA Board, will lead this riverside walk along the gorgeous Saxtons River, where hikers can venture down to get a closer look at the rock basins and Twin Falls. Then we will climb to a summit with a good view of the surrounding area. Meet at the Bald Hill kiosk on Covered Bridge Road in Westminster. Wear waterproof shoes. Contact Vanessa Stern at 802-463 4948 to register, get information, or check on the weather.

Sun., September 22, 2019, starting at 10 or 11 a.m. (depending upon route). Annual West Hill Grinder.
Organized by the West Hill Shop in Putney, this event is a thank-you benefit to WHPA for its 25-mile trail system. Several different routes offer a variety of rural biking challenges for intermediate and advanced bicyclists. Distances range from 19-45 miles and wind through Westminster, Athens, Brookline, Dummerston, Brattleboro and Putney on town dirt roads, Class-4 woods roads, and Pinnacle hiking trails, with a bit of pavement here and there. New this year is a “smooth gravel” route being planned for those looking for a longer ride without technical features like single track. Visit Search for West Hill Grinder for information on routes, bike recommendations, equipment requirements, prices, food, and registration. For questions, email [email protected] or call 802-387-5718.