Historic sites on Athens Dome. November 2, 12:30-3:30 pm

Walk to the historic sites on Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association properties in Athens and Grafton See the remains of the historic Goodridge and Smith Soapstone quarries, quarry pools, cellar holes, mill foundation and old roads. This area, which is adjacent to the Turner Hill Wildlife Management Area, has significant wildlife habitat including wetlands and very productive beech/oak/cherry mast stands. If it is a good year for beech nuts, we should find evidence of black bears feeding in the trees. The hike is moderate, there may be some water in the old roads depending on previous weather, water tight boots recommended. Hike leaders are Camil Roberts and Andrew Toepfer. Please register by email at camil@vermontel.net or a.l.toepfer@gmail.com.


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