Over the Hill Hike! Saturday June 22, 9:30 am

Enjoy a 4-mile hike on the Jamie Latham Trail, past an old beaver pond and stone walls, through beautiful hardwood stands, with a stop to enjoy the view from the renovated Pinnacle Cabin. Bring water, lunch, snack, insect repellent, sunscreen. Meet at Westminster West Church to split cars and carpools between the start at Latham Trailhead/parking area and finish at Holden Trailhead/parking area. Register with Tony Coven at 802-387-6650.

Radford –Smith Trail Inauguration

Weekend on Windmill Ridge

An article by Ben Kimball in the May 2018 Vermont Sports magazine recounts a 10-mile run on WHPA trails on July 4, 2017, that was most memorable and romantic! 

Click here to see the article online.
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Pinnacle Cabin: The Transformation Is Done!

The Pinnacle Cabin’s facelift and renovation have vastly improved the appeal and comfort of this very special shelter. Read more here and consider reserving the cabin for your next overnight or celebration.

The Making of an Eagle Scout and New Log Shelter Earl hammers a log into place.

The Making of an Eagle Scout and Start of the New Log Shelter

Earl Grennan’s Eagle Scout project was a gigantic start to the log shelter that is being built on a ridgetop in Grafton. Read more here...

Bob Sartini’s Hikes the Through White Trail from Putney Mountain to Grafton!

When the Pinnacle Association closed the gap in the long trail system, we spread the word that we wanted people who had hiked the whole distance to let us know about their experiences and send us pictures. It turned out that Trail Steward Bob Sartini had already hiked the distance and offered to let us publish his journal entries so others could know what to expect. He took no pictures along the way, but you can read about his experiences here...

Forester Arthur Westing led another informative hike to the largest White Ash tree in Vermont.

Forester Arthur Westing led another informative hike to the largest White Ash tree in Vermont.
He spoke about how the tree functions in the forest and how its parts contribute to its success. For detailed, clear information on how trees take in water, read Westing’s article “Water in Trees: Its Uptake and Ascent.”