Past Events

New Radford-Smith Trail Opens

Over 30 people attended the Grand Opening on September 9, 2018, to hear about the many donations that made the trail and land protection possible. Read details of the project’s history and see photos from the ceremony here.

Summer Gathering 2016

A gathering of Pinnacle members and supporters in late August at Rick Cowan’s house in Cambridgeport enjoyed beautiful weather, good food, and positive discussions about the beauty and importance of the land around us and ways to enjoy and conserve it.

Gathered in one happy place are, from left to right, past WHPA Chairs Beverly Major and Camilla Roberts; just retired Chair Susan Roman; new Chair Rick Cowan; and new Vice Chair Sarah Waldo.

Rick Cowan and Sarah Waldo honor outgoing WHPA Chair Susan Roman with a present and the thanks of everyone present or connected with the Pinnacle Association for Susan’s outstanding leadership over the past three years.

Sarah Waldo, Chair of the Trails Committee, and Roger Haydock, trail blazer extraordinaire, discuss their favorite topic.

Rick Cowan and Joan Weir of the Vermont Land Trust talk about opportunities for collaboration and conservation.

Master Builder Phil Pellerin relaxes between work rebuilding the stone foundation and stone west wall at the Pinnacle cabin.

Vernal Pool Adventure on Earth Day

Becky Chalmers & children examine vernal pool species

Becky Chalmers & children examine vernal pool species

On April 22, twenty-six adults and children joined Becky Chalmers, Wetland Ecologist for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, to Celebrate Earth Day with a walk to vernal pools at the Dunn Nature Trail off Bemis Hill Road in Westminster.   Participants on this woodland field trip were dressed in waterproof boots and sported no bug repellant on their hands, if they wanted
to touch the animals found.  They enjoyed observing spotted salamanders, wood frogs, egg masses, fingernail clams, and fairy shrimp.  Besides helping everyone discover and identify the special inhabitants at these transitory places, Becky Chalmers discussed the importance of vernal pools to the chain of life, the life cycles of the animals found there, and Vermont’s rules to protect those fragile habitats and their specialized inhabitants.  

Wood Frog

Wood Frog

Ober Hill Gorge and Old Hazen Homestead

Over 20 people attended the Walk to the Ober Hill Gorge and Old Hazen Homestead Cellar Hole on Saturday October 28, 2017.  Led by Camilla and Silos Roberts, the two-mile walk featured the recently acquired Brelsford property.  Starting at the Bemis Hill Road trailhead, hikers strode mostly downhill through rich mixed hardwoods to the long gorge, with its gurgling stream and charming waterfalls, and to the homestead complex with its remains of stone wall paddocks and a barn.  Hikers then continued north on the trail to the Route 35 trailhead – thereby learning more about the northern end of the Windmill Ridge trail system before being shuttled by car back to the starting point on Bemis Hill Road.

Photo by Bob Gay

Photo by Bob Gay