Spring Wildflower Walk

What a winter this has been! But spring is finally here. One way to celebrate is by finding the physical signs that confirm it. Therefore, on Sunday May 6, 9:30 AM-noon, Libby Mills and Sarah Waldo will lead a favorite program for the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association: the annual off-trail forest stroll to discover ephemeral spring wildflowers. These seemingly delicate flowers are hardier than one might think and emerge, bloom, and set seed before larger overhead trees have fully leafed out. Every year Pinnacle’s knowledgeable hike leaders scout potential properties to locate the most evident varieties of seasonal beauties on display on the chosen program weekend. The early hour should catch plants looking eastward for the morning sun.

Wildflower enthusiasts are urged to wear waterproof shoes and bring along a camera and water, perhaps even a hand lens and wildflower book to aid in identification. Participants should meet at Westminster West Church, 44 Church Street, to carpool to the mystery site. Registration is required by contacting Sarah Waldo at 802-387-6036 or sarah_waldo@hotmail.com.

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