Fall Foliage Walk in Grafton
on October 6

The Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association [WHPA] is offering a guided Fall Foliage Walk on Athens Dome trails at the northern end of WHPA’s protected properties, which now total around 2100 acres. The walk will take place on Saturday October 6, 1-4 PM, and feature the Bear Hill summit view, a swamp, and woodlands at a most beautiful time of the year.

Participants should meet in the parking lot across from The Nature Museum at 186 Townshend Road in Grafton, VT, to carpool to the Bear Hill Trail kiosk on Kidder Hill Road. Hikers will then go up Bear Hill Trail to its summit view, onto an Athens Dome trail through the swamp, to Shortcut Road, and back to Kidder Hill Road and the parking area. This is a longer hike than usual, with several steep sections, so hikers should wear appropriate footwear and bring water, a snack, insect repellent, and possibly a walking stick. For information and requested registration, contact Camilla Roberts at camil@vermontel.net or 802-869-1388.

For a map of Athens Dome trails in Athens and Grafton, click here.

Foliage Walk