Brattleboro Co-op Supports the Pinnacle Association in October

For the rest of the month of October, the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s Bag a Bean Program will donate money to the Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association. Here’s how the support program works.

Any customer who brings reusable bags or containers to checkout and uses them, instead of bags provided by the store, may receive either a 5-cent credit or one Fava bean per bag. The Fava beans are worth 5 cents each when placed in one of three different large water-cooler bottles located beside the exit door and marked with the names of three different charities. Each month the honored organizations change. The Bag a Bean Program is another way for the Brattleboro Food Co-op to do community outreach and support worthwhile organizations.

The Co-op is located at 2 Main Street in Brattleboro and is open Monday-Saturday 7 AM-9 PM and Sundays 9 AM-9 PM. This is time-limited opportunity to support the Pinnacle Association and its land programs because the benefit to WHPA runs only through October.

Brattleboro Coop Bag A Bean Jar