Into the Woods with Our Children

A Hands-On Program on April 7
by Naturalist Lynn Levine

Naturalist and professional forester Lynn Levine of Dummerston will present a hands-on approach to awakening in youngsters an enduring love of the natural world. Lynn will begin her presentation with a brief surprise audience-participation activity.  The event will take place on Friday April 7 at 7 PM at the Vermont Learning Collaborative, 471 US Route 5, Dummerston, VT, 1.8 miles north of I-91 Exit 3. The building is wheelchair accessible.

Says Lynn, “The key to having our children enjoy the woods is providing them with the opportunity to experience the forest with a parent or other relative, friend of the family, or schoolteacher.” A dual focus of her talk will be how to break down the barriers so that children will want to go into the woods (rather than play with their electronic devices) and how we can help them develop a need to return to the woods again and again. This event promises to be particularly valuable for our region's environmental and science teachers.

Lynn has been a consulting forester for the last 38 years and presently manages over 16,000 acres.  During that time, she has been an environmental educator and has taken many hundreds of people into the woods.  She has also created and taught nature-based curricula for the Vermont Institute of Natural Resources and local elementary schools. Lynn is co-author of Working with Your Woodland: a Landowner’s Guide and of Mammal Tracks and Scat: Life-size Tracking Guide.  She is the sole author of Mammal Tracks and Scat: Life Size Pocket Guide, also of two charming children's books, Snow Secrets and Is It Time, Yet?

The presentation is free and open to the public. Hosted by the Windham Woodlands Regional Association [WRWA], the event is co-sponsored by the Vermont Learning Collaborative, Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, Southeastern Vermont Audubon Society, Dummerston Conservation Commission, Putney Mountain Association, and Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association.

For further information, contact Arthur Westing at 802-387-2152 or

Lynn Levine with Children